Lodging & Rentals

*Sales tax is not included on any prices listed.


Cabins (For Summer Camp Accomodations)

There are only twin size bunk beds for sleeping

Sleeps 32
Central air

Sleeps 12 upstairs
Sleeps 12 downstairs

Sleeps 34 upstairs
Sleeps 18 downstairs
Central air

Sleeps 48 upstairs
Sleeps 48 downstairs
Central air

*Cabins are rented for $290.00 per night for groups of 24 or less. Groups of more than 24 will be charged $12.60 per night, per person.

Shower House

Used for overflow showers during cabin rentals and public restroom for Assembly Hall

Historical Cabins

Our historic cabins are from the 1800’s and have been donated by families from the surrounding areas.